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Building Women Leaders

Shattering the glass ceiling is a constant effort not just by women, but organisations as well. Businesses must invest in the career cycle of budding women leaders, right from when they join. They must work on educating, enabling and empowering them to grow in their careers and achieve their goals, while staying aligned to the organisational growth plan.

Celebrate Yourself (1 day)

This is a workshop for a maximum of 25 women, typically at the middle management level. With theatre-based activities, simulations and art-based methods like ‘identity collage’, the participants are made to introspect on their journey so far and are encouraged to unlearn, learn and reinvent themselves. Furthermore, they gain insights on self-branding and networking, and lay down plans for their future growth.

Thinking Big (1 day)

Inspired by the bestseller The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, this workshop is customised for women leaders. Recognising that only 4% of women are at the senior management level in India’s corporates and that there are bottlenecks at every stage of their careers, the aim of this workshop is to help them plan ahead to ‘think big’. With theatre practices, simulations, live case studies and video aids, the workshop helps the participants find practical solutions to their challenges. It also empowers them to use creative problem solving to achieve their goals.

It’s Not You, It’s EQ (90 minutes)

A 90-minute interactive play-shop (play cum workshop), this is a large format session, ideally suited for 100-350 participants. With simulated conditions in the form of a play that is open to interaction from the participants, the play-shop helps women at every stage of their career to harness their emotional quotient and navigate through the organisational jigsaw to achieve corporate success. Through this, they identify with the four big steps of emotional intelligence – self-awareness of emotions, regulating self and others’ emotions, empathy and social skills, and motivation. They also learn to tackle unconscious bias at the workplace while interacting with peers and superiors.

Networking 101 (1 day)

This workshop focuses on the importance of ‘networking skills’ and leveraging this skill for career growth of aspiring women leaders. Identifying various aspects of their personality and creating an executive presence around it forms the central focus. Game-based activities, role plays and case studies are the methodologies used in this high energy skill building workshop.

Work - Life Alignment (1 day)

This is a fun life-skills workshop with interactive simulations and activities wherein women from all levels work on aligning their professional and personal lives with their goals. The workshop focuses on acknowledging concerns and charting a course of action keeping in mind priorities while setting the final goal.

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