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Diversity Management

Diversity in the workforce in terms of age, ideology, community, ethnicity, nationality and a host of other factors must be effectively managed for the business to grow. Sideways’ methodologies help organisations identify the potential in their workforce’s diversity and effectively leverage it.

Impact of Diversity on Business

A culture of Diversity & Inclusion is important for the growth and development of any organisation, and part of promoting this culture is to encourage dialogue on it, and create a ‘buy in’ from all stakeholders. At Sideways, we can help you kick-start this dialogue through interactive 90-minute play-shops, 30-minute stories by our corporate clowns, or workshops with stakeholders.

D&I Awareness through Play-Shops

‘Let’s Not Talk About It’ is a play on gender sensitisation and the benefits of a respectful work environment that can be conducted anywhere in your organisation – even in the canteen! It can reach 100-500 people at once and is an effective, interactive tool to make people aware of diversity and inclusion.

Unconscious Bias for Managers (1 day)

Often, the most tolerant and inclusive of people come up short when tackling issues that bring out the unconscious bias in them. This workshop engages managers in constructive dialogue about all diversity related issues through theatre-based methods and works on identifying and getting past the biases that they are not aware of. Once they tackle these, it will be easier for them to start adopting a much more inclusive work culture, which will subsequently make a positive impact on the teams that work under them as well.

Sensitisation Programmes on Inter-Generational Diversity (half day)

With the millennial generation entering the workforce and the presence of various age groups in a heterogeneous mix in the organisational hierarchy, bridging the inter-generational gap can become tricky. This workshop uses interactive theatre formats to overcome these challenges.

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