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POSH for a Respectful Work Environment

In compliance with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, all organisations must have an Internal Complaints Council to address potential problems. But Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) is not a one-time agenda. It requires a continuous top-down approach for which the occasional mail, poster or town hall will not suffice. Through theatre-based methods, we can deliver this message such that it has a lasting impact.

POSH for Managers (Half day)

This workshop, typically conducted for about 20 managers, uses role play and case studies to help them understand POSH rules and regulations. It enables them to build a culture of mutual respect and equal opportunity and lead from the front. It also helps them tackle any incidents of discrimination or harassment and effectively enforce the company policy on POSH.

POSH for Employees (Half day)

For organisations wanting to acquaint their employees with POSH rules and increase awareness, this workshop helps out with theatre-based methods, role plays and simulations. Through this, they have a better understanding of the process to be followed if they are facing sexual harassment and the redressal options available to them.

POSH through Corporate Clowning (20 minutes)

A really effective way to spread awareness about POSH and the company policy is to call our corporate clowns to do it for you! There is no need to assemble employees to a particular place – with this method, you can reach more people at any given point of time! Our clowns will go from floor to floor, cubicle to cubicle, and enact 20-minute skits / plays / sketches / stories to drive home the message in a way employees will never forget. It is an ideal way to create engagement and drive internalisation!

POSH through Let’s Not Talk About it (90 minutes)

‘Let’s Not Talk About It’ is a play on gender sensitisation and the benefits of a respectful work environment that can be conducted anywhere in your organisation – even in the canteen! It can reach 100-500 people at once and is an effective, interactive tool to make people aware of POSH.

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