High Performance Teams are the core of any successful organisation. At Sideways, we understand the value of building strong teams in an organisation and hence offer team bonding and team building programs at all levels. These programs can be executed at conferences, outbound training, off sites or indoors depending on the requirement.


Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Games, Simulations are just some of the methods we use to do our team building engagements and energisers. Each of the inetrventions are designed to be fun and engaging and they hit home powerful messages of team bonding and dynamics.

Short Engagements ( under 60 mins )

Human Orchestra

In 45 minutes , a group of people create a 1 song magical musical performance where the sound of all instruments are recreated by the people themselves! High energy, High engagement, High Spirited, the 'Human Orchestra' works acrross levels and can be executed for 100- 5000 people ! Great team building energiser for meetings/conferences/offsites/family day.


The challenge is set. The prticipants needs to create a dance performance on a corporate theme song in 45 minutes. High on energy! High on engagement! Best for Team Building of 150-1000 people at meetings/conferences/offsites.


Dimikry is Dance Mimikry! A highly engaginng fun session where the participants perform dance styles from 1940's to 2015 in a never before experience. A sure fire teambuilding activity /energiser at meetings/gatherings/family day events, this works well with over 200 participants.

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