Behavioral Training

At, Training Sideways, we believe in the power of experiential methodology to bring about behaviorial change. From entry level freshers...

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Team Building Engagement

High Performance Teams are the core of any successful organisation. At Sideways, we understand the value...

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Internal Communications

The soul of the organization is its values which dictate the organization culture. At Sideways, we understand that building culture...

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Flash Mob @ Cognizant Innovation Summit 2015

Dimicry Dancing for Corporate Engagement

The Human Orchestra

Google Danceathon by Training Sideways


Shattering biases

November 28, 2017

That’s right. It’s a biased world. Admit it, you jump to conclusions even before meeting or getting to know an individual. Agree this far? No? All right, let me put things in perspective. There’s a new hire in your firm. Won’t you judge based on his or her last name? If it’s a Singh or…

IncQ- The Inclusiveness Quotient

July 25, 2017

You are working furiously on your project. You need a break. You go up to the coffee machine and grab a cappuccino. A couple of guys are also standing there , watching you.And you hear a snigger and a few mumbled words thrown in your direction. You turn around to look. And you hear some…

Why NOT Experiential?

July 20, 2017

I understand books carry knowledge and information, but so does experience. Why do we forget that books after all is a summation of all worldly experiences, information, practices and beliefs put together. Well, so does experience, and experience can never be ingenuine , fabricated, unreal or just a story. Every part of an experience is…