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For Senior Leadership

Magic of Thinking Big (1-2 days)

The Magic of Thinking Big is a program designed to train senior members of a company to develop the mindset to dream big. Taking calculated risks, working with peers/seniors/stakeholders in an inspiring and effective manner, approaching problems creatively rather than fearfully are some of the behavioural issues that we cover in this workshop. Simulations, live case studies and activities come together in this workshop to enable them to think big.

Creative Vision & Goal Setting (1-2 days)

Behind every successful organisation is a strong and clear vision. This vision is further broken down into goals and targets. At Sideways, we have a customised workshop to enable this vision or goal setting process. Our theatre and visual arts based module helps the leadership team to break silos, share their individual vision, engage in creative problem solving and align themselves to one vision or goal.

The Innovation Studio (1-2 days)

As a leader, one needs to not only be ready for change but also be able to embrace, adapt and finally lead change. Breakthrough ideas that change the whole game will enable you to stand out as a leader! Creating disruptive innovation as a leader in the market is the key focus point of this workshop. The most common barriers to creativity and innovation are resistance and criticism of new ideas and the fear of rejection or failure. In this program, we use games and theatre based activities to lower barriers and inhibitions, encourage thinking outside the box and also to present and sell these ideas. 

Personal Branding/Executive Presence (2 days)

Personal Branding is a continuum – it is a commitment to the journey of defining yourself as a leader and representing what you believe in and are able to deliver on consistently. Your brand is your trademark, an asset you must protect while continuously moulding and shaping it. It must be managed in a manner that helps others benefit from having an association with you, at work or outside – a mentor, a leader, a role model or just a dependable voice. All this plays a huge role in working styles and leadership influence. Our theatre based learning methods help you identify your personal branding and build on it.

Cross Leader Collaboration (1-2 days)

Any organisation works best when all of its departments work in tandem, but senior management often doesn’t explore the power of working with each other at a peer to peer level to create breakthrough progress. This workshop focuses on cross-leader collaboration. Breaking silos, connecting on a personal level and sharing the best practices, leading to working on projects together are key takeaways. Interacting, building trust and empathy on a higher management level and working towards taking the organisation to the next level by harnessing the potential of leaders as a team is what this workshop is all about!

Diversity and Inclusion (1 day)

A progressive work environment in an organisation that is aware of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion sets an inspiring and productive culture, and this is a top-down approach. This workshop focuses on getting senior leadership to align and be on the same page in the context of diversity, inclusion and POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment); eventually getting them to come together on company policies and design a plan of action. With this action plan in place, and the cascading ahead, the rest of the management and employees will also fall in line with the goals and objectives. The program includes live case studies, theatre and storytelling, sensitisation workshops, simulated events and plays.

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